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Ancient Reptile Was a Glider

Paleontologists have discovered a new small gliding reptile in 220 million-year-old sediments of a quarry on the Virginia-North Carolina border. The new creature is named Mecistotrachelos apeoros, meaning "soaring, long-necked" and is about the size of a blue jay from head to tail.
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This little cutie's name is Tess and she did a cover of Instant Karma by John Lennon.

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Baby Abroad

by Miniature Tigers

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Mathematical Love

Eli Roth Announces Whole Movie of Fake Trailers

"The fake trailers in "Grindhouse" were such a favorite that Eli Roth got the idea to make an entire movie of nothing but trailers. He is beginning the script of a film that will not only consist entirely of fake trailers, but tell a coherent story too.

"I'm going to be doing a movie at some point I'm going to start writing called 'Trailer Trash' which is going to be all fake trailers like 'Thanksgiving,'" said Roth. "Just nonstop. I want to make a movie that's just totally ridiculous, absurd and silly. And I have a plot that could actually make sense and just be total fun for 90 minutes. I have a great way to do it. I have a genius way to do it and the movie's going to be really sophomoric and absurd and unbelievably violent."

Roth is a horror icon so far, but he's going to branch out into other genres with these trailers. "All genres, everything. All genres, all eras."

With "Grindhouse" paving the way for such a project, Roth plans to include his colleagues in 'Trailer Trash.' "Quentin and Robert, those guys will be involved." Whether they will help Roth direct any of the trailers remains to be decided. "I don't know. We'll see. I think Robert. Quentin I think is off doing his war epic ['Inglorious Bastards'] but I've talked to Robert about it.""


Nanook of the North (1922)

An eskimo documentary with hunting, fishing, igloos, and whale lard treats. It is also the first documentary ever made. This clip is just the first 8 minutes. You can rent it on

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First Date

by Miniature Tigers

Moon Mountain

by Miniature Tigers

The Night Before My 18th Birthday

After discovering the amazing site, I decided to dig up all of MY old passive aggressive notes. Look forward to more!
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Panda Bear

If you like Pet Sounds, you might like this!